Please let us know how we did! 🙂


  1. Lyli says:

    Yee, Ha, and the staffs all speak perfect English!! They are young, very much on top with the nail fashion. Very comfortable atmosphere, everyone is fun.

  2. Kat says:

    I love this place! They are efficient & friendly! The love people and talking with them but best of all, they do amazing work. A friend recommended them years ago and I would never go anywhere else!!!

  3. Trish P. says:

    I’ve had my nails done in many different salons in many states, and Truelegance is by far the best salon for service and for quality of work. I always looked forward to nail day! Ha, Yi and Cindy are so friendly and came to know me by name and would greet me when I came in. The most important thing, though, was that I was listened to. I had some special concerns about my nails and I always left having had my special concerns accommodated and with my nails looking gorgeous. I especially loved the dried flowers that Ha embedded into the material – just stunning. Yi is very creative with cute and trendy paint designs and I got several done that I found on Pinterest! Cindy did a gorgeous sculpt for me. Everywhere I went I got raves about my nails and I sent many customers over to Truelegance. I’ve moved away from Omaha and dearly miss the good family at TruElegance!

  4. Cynthia Daniels says:

    I love my nails! I get so many compliments on how they look and always asked who did the designs. Will definitely be back!

  5. amber (one of the qt girls) says:

    I love this nail salon I have been going here for years and its the only place that I can get my nails done and them not break within the first week. I go for like three to four weeks in between fills and them still look good . I love how honery all of them are it makes the experience so much more fun. Hands down best nail salon ever. :))

  6. Terri (giggles) says:

    I have never gotten service the way I do here. Yee, Jessica, Vicki they have made me laugh and give me the personal one on one attention I love when getting myself pampered. If you want something new and unusual, or if you want to go traditional they can do it all in a jiffy and it looks like it took them hours. Thank you for having such a great shop!!

  7. Tasha says:

    I have had my nails done 4 times for baby showers. They are so talented with their design, I had so many compliments with the rattle, stroller, booties and name! Great job and highly recommend them! Very affordable!!

  8. Jessica Robinson says:

    Truly the best nail salon I have ever been to because the staff makes it exceptionally friendly and welcoming. There have been a few salons in my past that I was bored to tears, but not TruElegance! The staff is not only full of talent in the nail art world, but full of charisma and friendly conversation. I was recommended by a friend and will always recommend these wonderful people to anyone who will listen! Try them one time and you will adore them, I promise!

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